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Convenient & Accessible Self Storage

We provide an extremely useful, convenient and therefore popular service for Wiltshire (change to Nationwide please) businesses who find themselves in need of extra storage space – a need that inevitably arises for any commercial enterprise at some stage.

We have pallet racking storage space available in our large, clean, dry and secure warehouse at Old Sarum Business Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire available to rent on a long or short-term basis – and we also have a selection of different sized storage pod units where you can store smaller quantities of goods.

Our commercial storage facilities are ideal for:

  • Storing excess stock, equipment or inventory while you are in the process of moving business premises.
  • Establishing a local base for distributing your products.
  • Tucking away seasonal products or equipment while they are not required.
  • Keeping back-up stock that won’t fit in your retail premises.
  • Archiving documents and paperwork – or even electronic items – that you need to keep for future reference.
  • Decluttering your workplace.

Guyatts of Salisbury are there whenever you need to free up some space and get on with business.

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Optimal Pallet Storage

Why Use Guyatt’s Pallet Self-Storage?

There are several reasons why Guyatts self storage fits the bill for business self storage in Salisbury:

  • Our facilities are extremely secure and your goods are protected from theft, fire and water damage.
  • Our storage fees are fair and flexible.
  • You can access your goods whenever you need to.
  • We have forklifts and pallet trucks available for easy pallet loading.
  • We can arrange transportation of your goods to and from our storage facility.
  • Our warehouse pallet racking is well-planned, strong and sturdy.

You can store just one pallet of goods with us, or hundreds, containing anything and everything from building materials and car parts to bolts of textiles. We’ve even stored hot tubs for a local firm.

Our pallet storage warehouse in Salisbury is expertly designed to make the best use of the available space and optimise the ease and speed of safely loading and unloading your pallets.

Customer Service

Safe, Secure Storage Solutions

We’re proud to say that Guyatt’s has earned a reputation for reliability in and around the city of Salisbury since we started out as a local family-run haulage company back in 2002.

Since then we have diversified and expanded our operations to include a metal recycling plant, domestic self-storage units, and commercial pallet & warehouse storage.

Our warehouse storage staff are committed to caring for your stored goods, keeping everything safe and secure assisted by CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms. Access to our storage units is via key fob.

We’re also very accommodating with customer service being at the heart of our company ethos – so if you have any unusual or awkward commercial storage needs that you may be struggling to resolve, get in touch and we’ll do what we can to find a solution.

Whether your storage needs in Wiltshire are logistical, practical or personal we can help.

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