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Metal Recycling

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Local Collections

Guyatts of Salisbury make it easy to responsibly recycle your waste metal, and be paid for the pleasure.

We accept – and collect – unwanted ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous metal from local businesses and householders in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

If you have a business with regular waste collection requirements, ask us for a waste bin, or call us to arrange a one-off collection when the need arises.
You can also bring your recyclable metal to our depot in Old Sarum Business Park, Salisbury, which is open six days a week.

At our facility we have serviced, calibrated scales and a 40 tonne weigh bridge to ensure the correct weight of your waste metal is recorded for payment purposes, and our experienced team make sure the prices are updated daily according to market value. We undertake identification and vehicle registration checks when you bring us scrap metal, to comply with government guidelines.

When your metal has been weighed and unloaded, we’ll provide you with an official Waste Transfer document, and you’ll receive same day payment via BACS.

Scrap metal in containers - Haulage, Storage & Recycling Salisbury

Our Process

What Happens Next

Our recycling team separate the different types of metals brought in to our depot, making use of our specialist machinery and equipment to strip, cut and compact the metals down for placement into bins based on their composition.

We have to check all components carefully during the sorting process, and strip away as many impure materials as possible, such as plastics (which are sent on for recycling at another plant). This is because to create a high-quality product or item using recycled metal, the original material generated from the recycling process must be of a high standard.

We are committed to ensuring that as little as possible ends up in landfill, and we are scrupulous about complying with all the relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines pertaining to responsible waste transfer and waste disposal.

What We Offer

Why Choose Guyatts Metal Recycling?

For the convenience of our customers (and to assure our own efficiency) we run Tornado Recycling Software.

Once you’re entered into our system you will have a personal – or business – account with all the relevant details stored safely and securely on the system so regular recycling will become a quick and easy transaction.

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