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Metal Recycling in Salisbury SP1 & 2, Amesbury & Porton SP4


Metal Collection from Salisbury SP1, 2, 3 & 4 Postcodes

Guyatts of Salisbury make it easy to responsibly recycle y our waste metal – and you’ll be paid for the pleasure of getting rid of it.

We accept, and collect, unwanted ferrous (containing iron) and non-ferrous metal from local businesses and householders in and around Salisbury, Wiltshire. Our collection service extends from central Salisbury (SP1) to the northern suburbs of Laverstock and Stratford-sub-Castle (SP2), and the western suburbs of Quidhampton, Netherhampton, Wilton and Great Wishford (SP3). We also collect scrap metal from the Amesbury and Porton area (SP4).

Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your recyclable metal to our depot in Old Sarum Business Park, Salisbury, which is open six days a week. If your business routinely has scrap metal for recycling we can arrange regular collections and provide your premises with a bin.

All scrap metal is accurately weighed at our facility and you are paid according to market value on the day. We make same day payment via BACS.

Scrap metal in containers - Haulage, Storage & Recycling Salisbury


Salisbury Metal Recycling Depot

At our metal recycling depot in Salisbury our specialist team separates the metals brought in to our depot from across the SP postcode region into different types. We make use of various items of machinery and equipment to break apart, strip, cut and compact the various metals and sort them into bins, making sure any plastics or other non-metal components are set aside to be sent for recycling at a suitable plant.

Our aim is to prevent anything from ending up in landfill. We recycle around 100 tons of metal each month. We are scrupulous about complying with all the relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines pertaining to responsible waste transfer and waste disposal.

To ensure our efficiency – and for your convenience – we run Tornado Recycling Software. This means that once you’re entered into our system you can open a personal or business account with us, with your data stored safely and securely, so repeat recycling is quick and easy to arrange and receive payment for.


Recycling Metal in Salisbury is Green & Cost-Effective

We’re delighted to be running a metal recycling facility for the Salisbury area, because this activity not only reduces waste but also has a wide environmental impact, like reducing the need for mining, processing and manufacturing of new metal ore supplies with all the associated carbon emissions and other damaging effects.

We’re a highly reputable, family-run business that has been operating in Salisbury since 2002 and offering metal recycling since 2012. We’re a tried and trusted enterprise, proud to be part of Salisbury’s thriving economy, that provides:

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