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As providers of domestic self storage units we are well aware that we are taking on responsibility for our clients’ personal possessions, so there are always plenty of questions to be asked and answered. Customers must be sure they can trust us with their stored goods.

If you are interested in using self storage for the first time you may find some peace of mind in reading the list of frequently asked questions and answers (see below) that we’ve put together, after dealing with hundreds of happy storers over the years.

We’ve tried to cover all the queries, from what self storage is good for, how much it costs and how safe it is, to how you can access your stored goods.

Pretty much anything that’s legal. You cannot store things like firearms, drugs, explosives or anything that can be considered harmful to public health. We also don’t advise storing perishable foodstuffs or medicines.

Only you. Access is by key fob, which is retained by you while you are renting the unit.

No, as long as you keep paying the monthly fee.

Our units come in different sizes, starting with a 1m X 1m locker space which you can rent for as little as £30 per month. Larger units cost more, depending on the volume you require – if you’re not sure how big a unit you’ll need then contact our friendly team for guidance.

No, not in the case of most policies. The goods you store in a unit should be insured against loss or damage during the storage period, but you can rest assured that the facility is well protected against risks like fire and theft. We can advise you about insurance cover if required.

Our storage facility is accessible 24/7, and you retain the key fob & Padlock Key to your unit, so you can access your goods whenever you wish.

We have an online booking facility, which allows you to select the size unit you require and reserve it for the date you want it. Alternatively, you can call us on 01722 322 362 or visit us in person at Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury, SP4 6DZ. You will need photo ID and proof of address to book a unit.

Yes, as your storage needs change you can change your unit. Just get in touch with us.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to contact us.

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